Leila Ltd. was founded in 1989 as the first Slovenian private personnel search organizations. In 1992 it registered also educational and research activities. Leila Ltd. conducted different programmes for education of the unemployed and the secondary and post-secondary accredited programme for Business Administrators. Leila Ltd. is also a research organization registered under the number 1003.

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In 2013 we introduced the kindergarten activities which are also accredited by the Ministry of Education. The kindergarten «La petite academy» cares for and educates children between 11 months and 6/7 years. It is open for citizens of all countries. Each group in the kindergarten has two teachers. We have also a Montessori teacher, pedagogical and technical director (MA from Education, Open University UK). All the personnel of the kindergarten are checked by the Criminal Records Bureau, have certificates on passing the most important questions on safety and health and other certificates. Our vision is to become a kindergarten in which children, parents and employees feel well therefore we will do our best to achieve fair and friendly relationships.


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Angelin vrtec is an organizational unit of the Ursuline company for education, religious activities and culture. Its founder is the Slovene province of St Ursula’s order of Roman union.

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Angelin vrtec is a private catholic kindergarten and follows the Montessori method. The ethical bases of the kindergarten are Christian values. We opened our door for the children and their parents in January 2002.

The children are divided in three groups from the age 3 to 6 years (the kindergarten: Yellow, Green and Purple room) and in two groups from 11 months to 3 years (the nursery: Orange and Red room). We have total of 87 children and 12 employees.


The kindergarten uses the Montessori method. The curriculum is based on areas which are part of the prepared environment. A child can choose his work among different developmental materials which are divided into following areas:

  • Practical life activities
  • Sensorial activities
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Arts
  • Fine motor activities (especially for the younger children)
  • Science
  • Religious education in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd which is carried out in a special room called atrium.

The children can move in the room or outside in the playground where they can choose from a range of outdoor activities and spend some time socializing and exploring.

Due to the individual method the teacher observes the work of each child, presents him the materials an activities new to him, encourages him to be independent, takes care that the atmosphere in the room is working and respectful and prepares the appropriate environment. The teacher’s task is to help the child to build a constructive relationship with himself, with others, with things, with the world and with God. In an environment in which a child will be able to explore, develop his capabilities, express his emotions and his personality he will also have the opportunity for getting to know himself and his life with other people.

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Our school is situated in the Kilis province in the south of Turkey. It’s a public kindergarten that was founded on 4 hectare area in 2003. The school building is 500 m2 and the school garden is 3.5 hectare.

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There is a play ground suitable for children’s free time activities, colourful with flowers. There is a manager room, assistant manager room, teachers’ room, game room, conference hall, kitchen and archives and five classrooms in our school. The students are between 4-6 years old. We have two groups of students. One group attends school from 7.30 to 12.30 and the other ones between 12.30 and 17.30.We teach our kids how to speak Turkish well and properly. We also teach self care ability, psychomotor skills, social emotional development, and cognitive development. We have a curriculum designed to prepare the kids for primary school.


Gulten ve ömer ünlükahraman kindergarten pays special importance to the socio-cultural development of kids. For this aim, organizes a number of activities for them. We organize concerts, dramas, story-telling, yearly events, and picnics regularly. Our students act and dance in these events.