We cooperate with parents in several ways and try to harmonize the education in the kindergarten and in the family as much as possible:

  • Meetings of parents
  • Meetings of children and parents
  • Lectures of professionals for parents
  • Individual hours for parents (about development of their children)
  • Individual hours with pedagogical staff before introducing the child in the kindergarten
  • Short information about the children at arrival or departure
  • Written information and photos about life and work in the kindergarten
  • Evaluation of life and work in the kindergarten.

Parents can express their interests also by the parents’ representatives.


Some important statements from the Convention on children’s rights:

  • Parents are the most important for children’s development therefore it is right that children grow up in the family in the atmosphere of understanding and love.
  • All children have equal rights. Rights that one requires for himself/herself should be acknowledged also to others.
  • Children have the right to the highest level of health protection, quality food and clean water.
  • Physically and mentally handicapped children have the right to equal and dignified place in the society.
  • Children have the right to be respected.
  • Children have the right to be protected from all kinds of physical and mental violence.
  • Children have the right to free time and entertainment, appropriate to their age.


Parents have the right to:

  • Respect and consideration of their role as primary guardians and as persons responsible for children’s education and development
  • Gradual introduction of the child into the kindergarten so that they can be together with children
  • Correct information about children’s feelings, development, advancement
  • Insight into the programmes of work for children
  • Information about the life and work in the kindergarten
  • Protection of privacy, with emphasis on the personal data protection
  • Cooperation with planning and organising life in the kindergarten.

Obligations of parents are to:

  • Get acquainted with kindergarten programmes and with work organisation
  • Cooperate with kindergarten personnel to provide good atmosphere and better programs
  • Respect personal integrity of the teachers and other kindergarten personnel
  • Take into account the rules on children’s safety
  • Acquaint the kindergarten teacher with special characteristics of children
  • Inform the personnel about illness and other reasons for absence of children in the kindergarten
  • Bring into the kindergarten a healthy child
  • Inform the kindergarten in written form if they wish to take the child out of the kindergarten one month before the child is taken out of the kindergarten
  • Provide for all the formalities regarding inclusion of the child in the kindergarten and guarantee that the data is true
  • Consider the opening hours of the kindergarten
  • Regularly pay the monthly fee.


  • The child can come to the kindergarten and leave it only if accompanied by adults.
  • The child can be taken from the kindergarten only by his/her parents, or by other adults who have written authorization of children’s parents.
  • The parents must inform the kindergarten personnel about arrival and departure of the child.
  • Clothes and shoes should enable that children feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable.
  • Children should not bring to the kindergarten things that might endanger safety and health of children.
  • Children should not bring into the kindergarten jewellery, watches, personal things, sweets, toys etc. The kindergarten cannot guarantee for such things.
  • Parents are responsible for the safety of their children during celebrations, excursions and other events in the kindergarten that take place together with parents.



La Petite Academy is a private kindergarten that is financed by municipalities, state, enterprises and by parents. The monthly fees are defined with regard to the social status of the family and are published on the website.

Monthly fees

Salary level For children from 1 – 3 years For children from 3 – 6 years
1 – 0 % 341 € 317 €
2 – 10 % 383 € 359 €
3 – 20 % 425 € 400 €
4 – 30 % 465 € 442 €
5 – 35 % 502 € 477 €
6 – 43 % 537 € 495 €
7 – 53 % 572 € 537 €
8 – 66 % 603 € 579 €
9 – 77 % 626 € 614 €

If parents do not bring the document of the Center for social work which shows the salary grade of the family, they pay the monthly fee of the 9th grade. Parents, employed in Slovenian organization, pay lower fee for the second/third preschool child. Foreign citizens who are not employed in Slovenian companies pay full fee.


Monthly fee includes the costs of food, work, materials and services for children. The payment is not lower if the child is absent. Parents have to provide the nappies themselves. Some costs of special entertainment are not included, e.g. longer excursions, theatre performances etc. The kindergarten informs the parents before organizing such excursions. If the costs for kindergarten increase, the monthly fee can be increased during the year.

Important documents