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Parents have many opportunities to teach children some expressions and phrases in foreign languages: when waiting for the doctor, dentist, in the shop, when going for a walk, when cooking and playing, going to the kindergarten or to the sea.

To motivate children for learning of foreign languages, we say how good it is to understand a foreign language, that the child will be able to speak with somebody from a foreing country or read an English book or watch an English cartoon. When cooking lunch we can say: »Do you know how to say this or that in English? Soup. Bread. Can you repeat it? Soup, soup, soup. Bread, bread, bread.« And we motivate the child to repeat the words as often as possible. Then we ask him several times if he/she still remembers the words.

When we walk with the child and hear somebody speak English we can ask: »Do you hear that they speak English? Do you know how we could say hello if they came to us? We could say hello or good morning. Then somebody might ask you what your name is and you could answer: I am Lili or My name is Lili.