Respecting the children’s needs

Work in the kindergarten is organised so that it takes into account the needs and development of children, their education and health.


Cooperation with parents

Parents are the most important for children’s education therefore we wish to cooperate with them.
We pay special attention to children’s introduction into the kindergarten because this is an important event. Before parents bring their child in the kindergarten they speak with teachers about the characteristics of children.

We cooperate with parents in the following ways:

  • parents are informed about their children
  • we organize regular discussions about children
  • we present parents what children do in the kindergarten
  • we organize meetings with parents
  • we invite professional lecturers who give lessons on preschool education
  • It is possible that parents come to the kindergarten and read stories, present voyages, their professions, accompany children when we organise trips etc.

Development of knowledge and good relations among the employees of the kindergarten

All the employees are aware that it will be possible to perform our work well if we maintain honest and good relations and if we provide for our permanent education. We try to take care of our development so that we visit different educational courses, study the contemporary professional literature and cooperate in Slovenian and international projects.


  • We encourage observation and research, phantasy and creativity of children so that we offer them opportunities to acquire new experiences and to investigate the environment. Our children live in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere in which there are many opportunities for creative research in the classroom as well as in the garden and in the nature.
  • We encourage children’s development in the area of languages. We speak with them, listen to them, read them, and encourage them to create their own stories. We start to develop children’s understanding of foreign languages early.
  • We encourage children’s social development and thus contribute to their self-confidence and ability to maintain good relationships with the environment. Children are taught how to behave and solve problems when they are with other children, with teachers and parents.
  • We try to develop children’s abilities for cooperation and appropriate behaviour in the group. Everyday social and other situations are used as learning abilities and opportunities to solve problems and conflicts.
  • We take care to develop pleasant atmosphere in the groups, and make limits and anticipations appropriate for children. We develop children’s and our own knowledge of values.



Our kindergarten wishes to bring up happy and healthy children, develop their creativity and create environment full of understanding, tolerance and friendship. We will offer children well equipped rooms and materials that will help their active acquiring of knowledge. We will take into account children’s interests and encourage their logical thinking. We will use methods of teaching that will contribute to their individual development, enable their awareness of environment and encourage expressions of their individual nature and originality especially within their artistic, linguistic and literary activities.

We will include parents as partners and co-workers of the educational process, especially when designing the yearly work plan.

The employees will be able to develop their personal and professional growth and cooperate in international projects.

Our vision is to become a kindergarten in which children, parents and employees feel well therefore we will do our best to achieve fair and friendly relationships.

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